#rp Downtown Oakland today. #JusticeForMichaelBrown police forces always show up and try to show out when we exercise our constitutional rights.

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And this is why they don’t take us seriously. If we don’t value our life when one of our own takes it, how can we expect to be heard and see a change when someone else does? Know your value. Your skin’s black like oil, that’s for royalty. #kings and #queens #blackISbeautiful it starts with us.

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😳 hall of cost

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#tbt (5 hours ago) #TheCity

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Man… Wise words from a decent man.

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Looking pretty snazzy this morning. Hey 👋

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Big city of dreams. Motivated by schemes. Gettin money regimen with my gettin money regime. Know what I mean?

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This is breaking my heart right now. #Rip Robin Williams

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That’s how I feel.

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